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Who is David Frey and What Is The Willpower Secret?
Welcome to the Willpower Secret,

My name is David Frey and I'm the person who developed the Willpower Secret Sustainable Habits Program. If you want the video training on the Home Page, you'll learn a lot about me. You'll also learn how and why I came to develop the Willpower Secret program. 

But in a nutshell, I live in a small suburb of Houston, Tx called Friendswood. My wife Ingrid and I have two children, my son Sterling (21) and my daughter Alina (17). We've lived here for about 25 years now. 

When I was younger, I served in the U.S. Navy for six years active duty. I then lived in the country of Bolivia for a couple years and I came back to the U.S. to go to college. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Accounting that I've never used. :-)
David Frey
Author, The Willpower Secret
Throughout the years, I've been a yoyo dieter. I tried to lose weight so many times using different diet programs, but my weight loss was never sustainable. And then, in 2013, when I was 49, my kidneys failed. By a miracle, I received a kidney transplant and that's when I decided I was going to take care of my health. 

It's 2019 and for the past 6 years, not only was I able to lose weight, but the best part about it is, I've been able to keep it off, something I was never able to do. I thought my unique system for losing weight and keep it off could help a lot of people so I wrote a book called, "The Willpower Secret." In the book I reveal the secret how healthy habits are created and sustained for a lifetime.  

And to be honest, I kinda stumbled onto the Willpower Secret process. I created this simple weight loss program for myself that was very successful. As I looked at what I was doing I noticed that my process for sustainability could be duplicated, no matter what diet you're on. So as I said, I wrote a book about it and then created a full blown program from the book that includes video instructions, templates and charts. Everything you need to lose weight and maintain it forever. 
Again, I share my whole story, with photos in the training video on the Home Page. So if you haven't already watched the video training, click on the "Home" button above and watch it. Even if you don't invest in the Willpower Secret Sustainable Habits Program, you'll learn a LOT from just watching the video training. 
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